Meet Our Team

We are a small but mighty team, which supports children within their homes and across a variety of other projects across the city.

Colin  Hi I’m Colin. I have been an occupational therapist for over 22 years and have worked across the NHS, Local Authority and Private practice in Childrens and adults services. My favourite colour is Teal. I love to make things from cooking to pottery and lots of craft and arts as well. I love to see everyone achieve their best and reach their potential.

Jackie  Hi, I’m Jackie. I’ve been an OT for nearly 30years and have worked in mental health services and an acute service before coming to work for BCC. I specialise in Palliative Care and believe in concentrating on the quality of life for the citizens that Get referred to us.

Liz Hi I’m Elizabeth. I’ve been a Qualified Occupational Therapist for 12 years and have experience of working with Children and Adults. I chose to have a career in OT as I am passionate about enabling others to achieve their goals in daily life to improve their wellbeing.  I love the colour green, chocolate and spending time with my family.

Jayne  Hi I’m Jayne Heath and I’m an OT Assistant.  I enjoy socializing with family and friends, reading and travel.  My favourite part of being an OTA is meeting children and families and supporting them to achieve their potential and become as independent and fulfilled as possible.

Bea  Hello I am Bea, I am a qualified Occupational therapist with experience with both children and adult in the private and public sector. My special interests include adaptations to the environment and sensory processing. My favourite colour is pink, but I do love lots of bright colours, I also love swimming.

Diane  Hi, I am Diane I begun my Occupational Therapy Profession 17yrs ago, firstly in the NHS and later I moved to BCC Children Services. My deep passion in caring for people and maintaining one’s independence and wellbeing in daily activities is what propelled me into pursuing a career as an OT. I love and embrace all colours but love petal and fuchsia pink and blue. My interest is telling stories but I also enjoy listening to others tell their story. 

Kymani  Hi I’m Kymani, a fairly newly qualified OT with one years’ experience working with adults. I chose to work with young people as I want to be involved in improving their wellbeing by supporting children and families gain to access the tools they need to manage their conditions, so they are able to be as happy and fulfilled as possible. I enjoy going to different restaurants and spending time with family and friends.

Arzoo  Hi I’m Arzoo, I am a newly qualified Occupational therapist, with previous experience of working with both adults and children. I am very passionate about my career as an OT as I am supporting individuals to improve their quality of life and meeting their goals. When I am not working I enjoy travelling, going to the gym and baking.