Home to School FAQs to help with queries 

If you have a question that is not answered here, please email travelassist@birmingham.gov.uk and we will answer you and include popular questions below.

How do I find out about progress of my child/children’s application for transport?

Travel Assist have up to 20 working days to respond to travel requests – if the application is older than 20 working days please contact Travel Assist travelassist@birmingham.gov.uk – 0121 303 4955. Please use your application reference in any communications with Travel Assist.

What time will my child be picked up and dropped off?

You will be given your estimated pick up and drop off times when travel is first arranged.  However, please be aware that pick up drop off times can be affected by traffic issues and the order that vehicles exit school grounds and general traffic delays. 

How can I let my transport provider know about any special requirements that my child/children have?

You will have a chance to tell the service about your child’s needs when you arrange transport.  These will be passed on to your driver and guide who will be pleased to know how they can help make the journey more comfortable for your child/children.  If your child’s needs change at any time, please ensure that you inform Travel Assist immediately. 

travelassist@birmingham.gov.uk – 0121 303 4955

What are your COVID measures for transport?

We continue to carefully follow health and safety protocols, including increased cleaning regimes on vehicles. Transport staff are required to wear face coverings (except with valid exemption) (drivers are not required to wear them whilst driving). We ask that pupils wash their hands with soap and water, or hand sanitiser prior to boarding. In addition, if your child has any symptoms of COVID-19 or has been required to isolate, they must not travel.

Following recent government advice, the vaccine programme of jabs and boosters, regular testing and good hand care is our best way forward.

I have not received my bus pass code/I need to update my code?

Bus pass codes are generally issued within 5 working days of confirmation of eligibility – please contact Travel Assist if you have been waiting for more than one week.  Please quote any application reference number when contacting Travel Assist – travelassist@birmingham.gov.uk – 0121 303 4955 

How can I be assured that the driver and guide are DBS checked?

Your driver and guide will be carrying a BCC ID badge which clears them to operate contracted routes.  If this is not the case, do not allow your child to board transport and call Travel Assist. 

Transport providers are also legally obliged to provide information in relation to their driver’s DBS checks to the Council by way of an application for an identification badge which they must wear when operating Council contracts.  In addition, on a monthly basis, operators are obliged under their contract to provide details of their drivers/ guides, their DBS status and details of routes they have operated on. Further on-site compliance visits take place where required. 

travelassist@birmingham.gov.uk – 0121 303 4955

My child has changed address will my child still be collected?

No, we will need some time review the changes including checking if your new address means that you are eligible for travel assistance.  If you remain eligible for assistance, we need to let the provider and guide know as there may be changes to the route and in some cases, your child may need to move to a new route. Please contact Travel Assist with your new details and we will aim to put the changes in place within 10 working days. 

There is a Parent/Carer Charter which gives you more information about Home to School Transport expectations and guidelines and may help with any further questions as do the Local Offer website Home to School Transport pages.

Please advise Travel Assist of any address changes with as much notice as possible. Where a change impacts the existing transport arrangements we may require up to 10 working days to revise and or process a new application. 

Parent/Carer Charter
Home to School Transport

travelassist@birmingham.gov.uk – 0121 303 4955

What is happening about the 365 Response App?

We are continuing to pilot 365 Response, an App for parents and carers, which will improve real time communication. We are continuing to test the system and evaluate the pilot to ensure everyone’s information is up to date before we launch this new service.