Children and Young People’s Occupational Therapy Service (CYPOT)

We are a team of Local Authority Occupational therapists providing support to children and young people across the city of Birmingham.

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We work with children and young people with Occupational Therapy needs around self-care, motor skills or sensory sensitivities.


how can we help?

Occupational Therapists work with all kinds of people, looking at their everyday ‘occupations’.

Occupations are activities that we do every single day, such as going to the toilet, getting into bed and making breakfast! Sometimes, we might find these tasks difficult and this is where your Occupational Therapist (or OT for short) might be able to offer support.

Our Occupational Therapists use a ‘graded approach’ this means to say that we will always encourage as much independence as possible as the aim is always to ensure that independence and function are retained, and your potential is maximised. We might trial lots of ways to help, which might consist of advice, equipment, environmental adaptation or linking with other services to support you.

  • Assessment
  • Advice and Guidance
  • Equipment and Advice on Techniques
  • Recommendations for Adaptations
  • Training

Occupational Therapists are regulated by The Health and Care professions council, each of our registered Occupational Therapists are licenced to practice in the UK. Our Occupational Therapists are also members of the Royal College of Occupational Therapists with members engaging both regionally and cross country to promote and innovate within the profession.