Locality Team

A group of professional that support schools and families in different areas of Birmingham to meet the Special Educational Needs of children and young people.

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The Locality Team is a group of professionals that supports schools and families in the wellbeing and Special Educational Needs or Disabilities of children and young people.  The team includes an Educational Psychologist, Specialist Advisory Teachers, Speech and Language Therapist, an Occupational Therapist and a Parent Link Officer.  

The team of professionals attached to a cluster of schools is a revolving team who see the schools and families on a regular basis providing practical early help and support. You can view and book our services below.

Consultation and planning meetings

These are held in all Birmingham Schools termly where specialist teams and schools discuss ‘wrap around’ support and intervention relating to individual children and young people. 


Locality forums for schools

Held termly and provide an opportunity to develop collaborative working between schools and agencies to build capacity as well as solution focused, proactive approaches for children and young people with additional learning needs.

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Locality forums for families

These are held termly and provide opportunities for families to network and meet with specialists for advice and support. 

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Key Principles of Locality working:
  • supporting schools and families in the early identification of pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and the implementation of interventions and tracking of pupils,

  • working in partnership with schools and families to identify professional development needs of staff and supporting clusters of schools in implementing an appropriately tailored programme,

  • working in partnership with families to support their child’s needs within the home.

What are the benefits for SENCOs?

“As a new SENCo it’s given me lots of confidence”.
“Loved having resources modelled for me”.
“It has been good to find out more about the work of different agencies”

What are the benefits for families?

“Excellent service. So lovely to meet everyone. Great information”.
“I feel supported and reassured”.
“Good to have chance to meet different professionals in one evening. Should have these sessions more often”.

Consultations and planning meetings

The consultation and planning meeting is key to raising aspirations and educational achievement for all pupils, including those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

Termly individual school planning meetings provide the opportunity to identify areas where the school are stuck and require additional support to ensure the needs of the children and young people are met.

Locality forums for schools

Listed below are some of the activities that take place through the locality forums for schools:

  • to develop a network for support staff and SENCos that provides professional development as well as sharing good practice,

  • to facilitate drop-in surgeries and consultations for a range of agencies to plan for the transition of Year 6 pupils at SEN Support stage,

  • to develop approaches for monitoring and evaluating outcomes for pupils with additional learning needs and considering future steps,

  • to consider common themes arising from Schools and families and provide bespoke support for professional development.

Locality forums for families

The Locality Team meet in each cluster of schools on a termly basis.

The team of professionals:

  • provides a network for parents,

  • facilitates peer to peer support,

  • facilitates consultations from the local team of Educational Psychologists, Therapists, Advisory Teachers and Parent Link Officers,

  • upskill parents through advice, support and coaching from specialists and professionals,

  • considers common themes arising from schools and families to support ongoing early help.

Capacity Building

Instead of always working with individual children and young people either in the context of an assessment or in the delivery of individual programmes, staff also assist schools and families to develop their skills and encourage the use of a wide range of useful resources.

For most children and young people, it is recognised that their needs will be met in their local mainstream school, it is therefore essential that schools and families feel supported and able to provide the right environment to do this.

The teams are also there to identify those more complex youngsters whose needs require a more intense programme of support, through a package of specialist provision.