Post 16 Transition with an EHCP

Timetable for the SEN Post 16 transfer process

Summer Term onwards – Year 10

  • Attend open days at appropriate Post 16 placements and apply directly to the setting
  • The colleges need to inform SENAR of all applications received from young people with an EHCP

By end of Summer Term – Year 10

  • School Careers Adviser arranges a full careers guidance interview and issues a Career Action Plan for all those with an EHC Plan
  • School or placement SENCO arranges the annual review meeting in order to complete the annual review form and if needed, make changes to the EHCP
  • Student, parent or carer completes the Post 16 preference form and sends it to Birmingham City Council
  • The current school or placement sends the completed EHC template, Career Action plan, up-to-date school reports, annual review report form and the student’s preference form to

By February – Year 11

  • SENAR will consult with placements about student’s preferred options
  • SENAR will also consult with other appropriate placements that are in the student’s local community if necessary

End of February – Year 11

  • A notice of amendment and a letter of intent will be sent identifying the intended Post 16 setting to be named in Section I of the EHC Plan. You will have 15 days to make written representations to the proposals.

On 31 March – Year 11

  • Final or amended final EHC Plan will be issued to name the young person’s allocated Post 16 provision for September 2022.