Post 16 Transition with an EHCP

Finding out about Birmingham placements

All General Further Education (GFE) Colleges, Sixth Forms and Special Post 16 settings have their own prospectus or booklet that explains what subjects or courses they offer, the facilities they have and what they aim to provide for their students.

You will need to contact these providers directly to request a copy. However, many educational establishments will have a copy of the prospectus on their website.

P16  Provisions Directory

Birmingham Careers Service Training Providers

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How do qualifications compare?

The chart below shows some examples of how different qualifications compare to each other. Depending on what subjects and levels you’ve studied, students may be able to move between different types of qualification. For example: moving from a general education course at Level 2, on to a Diploma at Level 3.

Qualification Comparison

Education type

Entry Level 1, 2 and 3 Level 1 Level 2 Level 2 Level 3-8

General education courses

Foundation level

Study Programme

GCSE grade 1-3 (old D-G)

Functional Skills

GCSE grade 4-9 (old A*-C)

Functional Skills

A Level, AS Level, A2 Level

International Baccalaureate


Masters Degree


Vocational education courses – including BTEC and City and Guilds*

Foundation level Study Programme

Awards, Certificates and Diplomas at Level 1

Awards, Certificates and Diplomas at Level 2

Awards, Certificates and Diplomas at Level 3

HNC, HND Professional Diploma Foundation Degree


Pre- apprenticeship programme/ Traineeships or internships

Pre- Apprenticeship programme/ Traineeships

Apprenticeship NVQ Level 2 plus technical certificates such as BTEC Level 2

Advanced Level Apprenticeship

NVQ Level 3 plus technical certificates such as BTEC Level 3

Higher Apprenticeship

NVQ 4,

Foundation Degree, HNC or HND

Supported Internships/ Foundation programmes

Awards, Certificates or Diplomas at Entry Level

1, 2 or 3 Skills for Life

Functional Skills

Awards, Certificates or Diplomas at Level 1


Essential Skills Functional Skills

This Study Programme is to help people who haven’t yet reached Level 2, and to prepare your son/daughter to progress on to a Level 2 course, a job with training or an Apprenticeship

General Further Education Colleges

Further information on General Further Education Colleges, including settings and available courses, can be found in our directory.

Post 16 GFE Directory

Post 16 Course Lists: GFE

Vocational Training Providers

Further information on Vocational Training Providers, including settings and available courses, can be found in our directory.

Training Providers

Open Days

It is important that you attend open days so students and parents or carers can talk to tutors and explore choices before making their decision. You can check college websites and social media pages for details of open days.

College and Sixth Form Open Days

If the details for school you are interested are not shown on the MyEd website please visit the school or college website for details.