Post 16 Transition with an EHCP

How to complete the preference form

request a post 16 prefrence form

If your child is part of the Post 16 transfer process, a preference form will be sent to you in the post, as well a copy sent to your child’s school/setting.  If you have not received a preference form, please click the button above to request a preference form via email.  Please remember to include your child’s name and date of birth.

Complete the form in BLOCK CAPITALS using black ink and take the following steps.

  • Check that the student’s details on the form are correct.  If the form is blank, please add details to the form. 
  • If the pre-printed address is incorrect, write the correct address in the space provided and attach proof of residence, such as a recent utility bill, by stapling it to the form.  If address sections is blank, please add details to the form. 
  • If a student intends to leave education to attend university or begin work please add this information to the further comments section at the bottom of the form.
  • Enter the names of placements, including any preferences for placements in other Local Authorities.  Keep in mind that other Local Authorities may not be able to offer a placement, because the setting is full or they do not feel they can meet needs, as examples. Therefore, it is also advisable to include some Birmingham placements in the preferences
  • If any of the preferences are for a place in a Resource Base, rather than the mainstream part of a school, please write ‘Resource Base’ next to the name of the placement on the form
  • If a college has multiple campuses, please provide the name of the campus that a student wishes to attend. Please also include the name and level of course they wish to enrol on.
  • Please include the Career Action Plan and any other information that is relevant to a preference. Attach additional sheets, by staple to the back of the form
  • If the young person is in care to a Local Authority, please provide details in the further comments section at the bottom of the form.
  • Complete the checklist to make sure you haven’t missed anything
  • Fully complete the student/ parent, carer details
  • Sign and date the declaration

Download the Career Action Plan

Home Address

When completing the preference form, please note that the home address is the residential property where the young person resides for the majority of the school term.

This can be either:

  • Owned by a parent, carer or the person with parental responsibility
  • Leased to or rented by the parent, carer or a person with parental responsibility

Read more about proof of address

If a placement is allocated on the basis of an address that is subsequently found to be different from the students normal permanent home address, then that place is liable to be withdrawn.

You can either return your preference form to the current school/placement’s SENCO or you can send it directly to SENAR: