Post 16 Transition with an EHCP

Continuation of Placement for students already in ISP’s

Confirmation of continuing placements for existing students will be made on the basis of the annual review of progress for each student.

This review will be undertaken by the ISP in partnership with the city council as appropriate, and all reports will need to be with the city council by the end of July of the preceding academic transfer year.   

This is to enable the city council to meet the 31 March deadline.

The city council may also look to develop a personalised package of provision and support in a local setting(s) to meet the student’s needs and aspirations on a year by year basis.

Programme Length

Whilst it is acknowledged that the total length of an individual student’s programme may be in excess of one year, the funding of a student’s placement will only be confirmed for the duration of one academic year and continuation will be subject to on-going satisfactory progress, attendance and positive outcomes evidenced by annual review reports submitted by an ISP no later than the end of July of the preceding academic transfer year.

Costs will be reviewed on an annual basis

It is expected that students complete their programme within the time frame initially agreed and requests to extend an individual student placement beyond the duration of the programme’s original end date will only be granted in exceptional circumstances, e.g. where a student has been unable to complete their learning aims due to exceptional and unexpected medical reasons.

In-year changes

What to do if a student has a change in the level of support needs whilst attending a placement?

  • Requests to change a student’s level of funding in-year should be made to Birmingham City Council
  • Changes are likely only to be considered in exceptional circumstances
  • Requests to change must be evidenced by up to date reports
  • Such changes must be discussed and agreed with Birmingham City Council before amendments are put in place

Any requests submitted outside of the ‘first term review’ for ‘new placements’, or ‘summer term review’ for all students, will be considered as ‘In-year’ applications.