We are a true person-centred service and work together with the young person to co-produce better outcomes.

We want to raise aspirations for young people in Birmingham and will support them in their own decision-making, with a focus on what the young person wants.

We want to connect young people, parents and carers to services across Birmingham and utilise the communities the young people live in.

We will ensure that with the right access to information and other services- we can really improve their quality of life and support them to make positive choices into adulthood.

Preparation for Adulthood focuses on helping young adults aged 14 to 30 achieve outcomes in:


We can work with young people to better understand how to be physically and mentally healthy with support from our specialist team and connect them to the right local services.


We can support young people to feel safe at home, have safe and stable housing, have sufficient skills in their household management, understand their housing options, and to have a better relationship with their family or carers.


We can support young people and younger adults to identify employment opportunities, offering practical advice and information about jobs and apprenticeships.

Friendships, Relationships and the Community

We can work with young people to have a steady support system, have a better relationship with their peers, and feel part of their community and feel safe there.

Integrated Transitions Team

We are a service that works collaboratively across Birmingham to help young people, aged 14—30, transition into adulthood. We want to improve outcomes for young people by connecting them to services and community projects in their local area.

We support young people aged 14-30 who:

  • Have Additional Needs
  • Have statutory health and social care assessments
  • Have received a young carers assessment in the last 12 months
  • Are in care or who have left the care system
  • Are attending Special Schools and Special Colleges
  • Are a household member, aged between 16-25, who lives with a young person receiving PFA support
For Young People

Moving from a teenager to an adult can be a difficult time and more so if you have other factors as part of your life. For some young people, this transition may happen at an older age and that’s why we can support citizens up to 30 years old.

Our service concentrates on your strengths, what you can do well, and we help you focus on your aspirations around your health, where you want to live, how you spend your time and who with. You, your family or somebody who already supports you can connect you to us and one of our team can support you, for up to 12 months. We support you to think about your future aspirations, build up your confidence and help you to co-produce the support each service you see assists you with. We can support you for up to one year and help bring other people into your support network if that’s what you would like. Please read our leaflet to find out more.  

For Parents/ Carers

Moving from a teenager to an adult can be a difficult time and more so if your child has other factors as part of their life. For some young people, this transition may happen at an older age and that’s why we can support citizens up to 30 years old.

We know as the parents you will be both excited and nervous about this Transitions and that is where we can support you and you your child as they move towards more independence. The pace will be right for your child and based on their strengths and goals.

Some young people may want to do more for themselves whether at home or somewhere more independent. They may want to lead on their health needs more or finances or see how they can use their time, whether volunteering on a training course or exploring employment opportunities. They may want to try new social activities, make new friends and understand what a good friendship looks like. There may be other services we can connect your child too, but also you too if you sometimes find things a struggle. Please read our leaflet to find out more

For Professionals

Moving from a teenager to an adult can be a difficult time and more so if young people have other factors as part of their life. For some young people, this transition may happen at an older age and that’s why we can support citizens up to 30 years old.

We offer one-to-one interventions to help the young person move towards their aspirations, building their strengths and their resilience in a supportive way. We ensure the support is co-produced to meet their needs and we encourage them to do this with other services they access too. We ensure young people and parents / parent carers if they live at home, have access to the right support where needed to increase their community circle and take a lead in their future. Please read our leaflet to find out more

B.R.I.D.G.E team

We support young people and younger adults with multiple risk factors, such as those who are homeless, have mental health difficulties, have endured trauma, are at risk of causing harm to themselves or who are part of the criminal justice system.

We are a new service that works collaboratively across the whole of Birmingham. We do not replace any statutory services.

We support young people aged 14-30 who:

  • Have endured trauma and / or have mental health difficulties either diagnosed or undiagnosed
  • Have a vulnerability that could pose a risk or cause harm to themselves or others
  • Are at risk of offending
  • Are at risk of being exploited
  • Are currently a part of the criminal justice system (CJS) as an adult or young person either in custody or in the community
  • Are leaving the CJS or a statutory service who require support
  • Are experiencing homelessness or are at risk of homelessness
  • Need support in at least one of our four key areas:
    • Health
    • Housing
    • Employment
    • Friends, relationships and community
For Young People

Friendships, families, where we live, and many other factors can play a huge part in influencing our future. Sometimes understanding and trying to make the right choices and decisions can be really difficult.

There may be lots of people from various services involved in your life until you reach a certain age and then beyond that things can change quite dramatically with that support either being no longer there, or it being very different. Sometimes support may no longer be there once you reach 18 and this can be a real challenge in knowing where to turn for information.

For young adults over 18 knowing where to turn for support is often very difficult  – we are here to support you right up to the age of 30.

The VAT are all about your future and your potential.

We want to build on your strengths, what you are interested in and what you are good at.

The team can help you think about and realise your goals for your future. Even if you aren’t sure – we can work with you to understand your opportunities and options.

We aren’t here to tell you what should do, we want you to help you understand your options and build on your independence for a really bright future. We will work at your pace and be guided by you.

We have three areas of focus as a team – emotional well-being & mental health, criminality and homelessness and four overarching themes in which we can help – housing, employment, health & friends, relationships and communities.

If you struggle to manage your emotional health and well-being, we have specialists in the VAT who can help.

If you are involved in crime or at risk of committing crime and want to move away from this lifestyle, we can work with you to do this.

If you are at risk of losing your home or want to move away from home, we can support you to understand your housing options or help with building your independence in managing your own home.

We are a service that can work with you directly and also help connect you to other organisations and services able to help in your local community.

For Parents/ Carers

Sometimes it can be a scary time when our children are particularly vulnerable and growing up. Friends, peers, where we live, where we go to school or work as well as social media can have both positive and negative impact on young people as they get older. Emotional wellbeing and mental health equally has never been more important for our young people particularly those who have experienced trauma growing up.

We want to work with young people and younger adults who are particularly vulnerable to being involved in risky behaviour – you might be concerned about who they spend their time with, or that they are becoming more distant from you and you’re not sure why.

It may be that you are worried your child may be struggling with anxiety or not managing their thoughts or emotions well – and that this may affect them growing up in the choices they make.

Sometimes young people who are in the criminal justice system for example may particularly struggle when they leave to not retract back to past associations or lifestyles.

There are many ways we can help but it will always start with the young person. How they feel, what their strengths are, what they want to do with their life and what is standing in their way. It’s important that they want our input so that we can build a good relationship and work together to make positive changes.

We want to look to the future, understand past decisions, acknowledge opportunities and build confidence to make positive choices moving forward.

For Professionals

The Vulnerable Adult Team has three key areas of focus – emotional well-being & mental health, criminality and homelessness.

We are here to support young people who have experienced trauma, struggle to understand or manage their health and well-being, are involved in risky behaviour or are potentially at risk of exploitation, offending or reoffending. We are also here to support young people at risk of homelessness.

Young people who have experienced trauma are particularly vulnerable and we want to help anyone who is potentially likely to struggle to be independent and be able to make positive lifestyle choices into adulthood.

We offer one to one support to help the young person move towards their aspirations, building on the positives and building resilience in a supportive way. We are guided by them – what they want and we will coach them towards making positive choices for themselves.

Our service isn’t here to replicate any other support in place and our focus is around building independence and resilience so that young people/ adults have the tools and confidence to understand changes that are to come.

We also know that Birmingham is a big city with so many different services and professionals often all getting in touch for different reasons which can be stressful and confusing – this is why we will make sure that we are the right service for the young person / young adult through our screening process.

We are happy to work alongside other services, but we need to make sure we aren’t duplicating or replacing any other specialist help, especially if this should be delivered by a statutory service.  When connecting to us, we would like to understand the young person / young adult as best we can and may arrange a further meeting to better understand details around risk, other services involved and any information that will be helpful for us to know. It may be that we aren’t able to support young people in some instances, but we will always offer advice and guidance if there is another service more suitable at that point in time.

Our team has expertise and specialists who understand the complex nature of both children’s and adult’s services offering advice and guidance to many professionals and services. It may be that our team can signpost you in the right direction to other organisations and information.

It’s important that all young people and young adults who are connected to us by professionals / other organisations are happy for us to contact them and that they have an idea what they would like our support with across any our four outcome areas.

Specialists in the VAT include mental health, coaching and resilience support, restorative justice and family / 1-2-1 support.

We are working closely with a range of services across the city ensuring we join together with key professionals, putting every young person / young adult at the centre of what we do, focusing on their strengths, their goals and their aspirations. 

Some services we are working closely with currently includes:

Birmingham Youth Offending Service, National Probation Service, Police, EmpowerU Hub, Care Leaver Service, Forward Thinking Birmingham, Adult Social Care Transition Team, City of Birmingham School, public health teams, BCC Youth Service, No Wrong Door Network, Birmingham Children’s Trust locality / constituency teams, voluntary and community groups, Birmingham Exempt Accommodation Pilot, Breaking the Cycle, Therapeutic Emotional Support Service, homelessness and housing support services and several others.

We are also developing links and contacts across the city’s communities ensuring the team is able to develop positive relationships with the many groups, activities and services which our young people / younger adults can be connected to.

We are not a crisis service – details for MH support for young people / young adults in crisis – call 999 if someone is at risk of harm to themselves or others.