‘Justsomeguy’ talks about the Benefits of Autism

In #WorldAutismAcceptanceWeek hear from ‘justsomeguy’ about the benefits of Autism.

Autism brings with it many struggles and challenges, but it also brings many strengths and although these are not universal I will go though some of the benefits that my autism brings to my life.

First of all, the hyperfocus. If something falls within one of my special interests, I am able to focus on it to the exclusion of almost everything else which allows me to progress in that area at a much faster rate.

Next, the aforementioned special interests, which are areas or subjects that I am especially interested in. In these areas I am able to learn and remember things better if they are linked to one of my special interests. Last but by no means least, I come at many problems from different directions than many neurotypical individuals, meaning I find I. can often find new and different ways of solving those problems

Thanks – justsomeguy

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Picture by Jonathan from Calthorpe Academy



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