Areas for advice and help

Below you will find more information on the wide range of services that are available to support all areas of your child or young person’s life. This includes support with education, physical and mental health, social care, leisure activities and moving towards independence and adulthood.

Family talking with counsellor

Parents and Carers

Find out about the different types of Special Educational Needs, how we identify and assess needs, the specialist services available in Birmingham to support children and young people, and education and training opportunities for Parent and Carers.

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Children and Young People

Find out about the Birmingham Wellbeing and RISE Youth Forums and how they are helping to improve support for Wellbeing and Mental Health for children and young people across Birmingham.

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Home to School Transport

Find out about our Home to School Transport service and the different types of support available for children and young people.  

Disabled girl in a wheelchair together with a care assistant

Education: Specialist Support and Provision

Find out about different types of schools and settings and how they can support children and young people with a Special Educational Need or Disability.  

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Health & Wellbeing

Find out about the support available from health services for children and young people, including speech and language therapy, occupational health and support for mental health and wellbeing.

Toddler girl in child occupational therapy session doing sensory playful exercises with her therapist.

Short Breaks, Social Care, Help and Support

Find out about the support you can receive from local social care services, including social care needs assessments and how to access services.

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Find out about the wide range of leisure activities, outside of the educational settings, that are available in Birmingham for children and young people with a Special Educational Need or Disability.

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Money Matters

Find out about the types of funding available to support children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, their families and the school or setting they attend and how to apply for it.

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Post 16 and Preparation for Adulthood

Find out about preparation for adulthood throughout a child or young person’s educational journey, including the transition from children’s to adult support services and long term support. 

Downs Syndrome girl having speech therapy

Early Years

All babies and young children are unique and develop differently.  Your baby or young child may already have identified needs, or needs that are emerging. This section provides information about the support available  during the Early Years.

mum_ dropping child for first day of school

Early Intervention & Early Help

Early Help is about stopping family problems from escalating. This section provides information about the support and advice for families in Birmingham, including financial, mental wellbeing and parenting.

Disabled brother in wheelchair sitting with sister on grass

Children in Care

Birmingham Virtual School (BVS) is a statutory service that coordinates educational services for Children in Care (CiC.) Our website contains a wealth of advice and resources that can support the education of all CiC.