Communication and Autism Team (CAT)

The Communication and Autism Team provides support for autistic children and young people and children and young people with social communication needs, their parents/carers and educational settings.

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Specialist Teachers and Autism Advisory Practitioners for Communication and Autism

The Communication and Autism Team is made up of Teachers and Autism Advisory Practitioners who support children, young people and their families, schools and SENCo’s to develop positive outcomes for pupils.

All Birmingham maintained schools and academies have an allocated Communication and Autism Team Professional.

CAT parent offer leaflet    CAT Parent Offer leaflet – Word download

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How we can help 

  • help schools to identify issues early and provide the right support and strategies to aid inclusion
  • offer advice and support to settings to develop and embed good autism practice,
  • provide advice to schools and settings on strategies to enhance teaching and learning, including early years and post-16,
  • support to understand children’s complex communication and interaction needs, including autism, and distressed behaviour,
  • professional development for settings to support children and young           people with autism.
  • We provide a wide range of training to meet the needs of school  professionals including the Autism Education Trust programme, Citywide Training and CAT Training offer Access to Education
  • provide support for parents and families including access to our parent awareness course and a range of training programmes

Autism Education Trust (AET) – Relaunch of Early Years and Schools Programmes of Training and Support Materials for Schools         

The Autism Education Trust (AET) has relaunched its Early Years and Schools programmes of training and support materials for schools. The new material is excellent and the Communication and Autism Team, which is largest licensed training hub for the AET, is strongly advocating the training programmes which have been developed with the focus on co-production, in collaboration with young autistic people, parents of autistic children, academics, researchers and education professionals.

This is not just a programme of training but a ‘Culture change programme’, with a multi-layered approach to providing schools with the knowledge,  understanding and resources to enable autistic young people in schools and beyond into their adult lives to make progress and succeed.

You can explore fully redeveloped Early Years and Schools programme, including essential resources such as the AET Standards and Competency Frameworks here –

If you would like any further information please contact –

Forms of Contact

  • Telephone 
  • Virtual meetings
  • Feedback through schools
  • Email 
  • Home visits
  • Providing support at meetings
  • Meeting at family forums and drop-ins

How to access the service