Communication and Autism Team

We are a team who provide support and advice around communication and autism to Birmingham children and young people, parents, carers, schools and settings.

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Advisory teachers for communication and autism

About us

We are a team of teachers and Autism Advisory Practitioners who provide support and advice around communication and autism needs.  We work with children and  young people, parents, carers, schools and settings across Birmingham.   

How we can help 

  • provide support for parents and families, 

  • help schools to identify issues early and provide the right support,

  • offer advice and support to settings to develop good autism practice,

  • provide advice to schools and settings on strategies to enhance teaching and learning, including early years and post-16,

  • support to understand children’s complex communication and interaction needs, including autism, and managing challenging behaviour related to autism,

  • professional development and training for settings to support children and young people with autism.

Forms of contact

  • Telephone 

  • Email 

  • In writing 

  • Home visits

  • Providing support at meetings

  • Meeting at family forums and drop-ins

How to access the service