The Local Area Accelerated Progress Plan to deliver change in SEND service in Birmingham

Children Running

Please find our partnership Accelerated Progress Plan devised following the Local Area revisit in 2021.  This plan illustrates how change and improvement is being planned for SEND services in Birmingham.  It has now been approved by the Department for Education and progress has already been made against some of the objectives – see our latest news here –

Please note that some of the deadlines detailed in the plan have had to be pushed back compared to original plans.  Where this is the case it has been because either we have required more accurate data, we experienced delays in recruiting the right staff and inevitably COVID has delayed some of our work including face to face meetings.  We accurately monitor our progress on objectives each month and also work with the Department for Education and our Commissioner to ensure that the programme remains on track and delivers positive outcomes.

We are focussed on delivering the best outcomes, bringing sustainable change and lasting improvements in the system for children, young people and families in Birmingham.  This plan will help us to deliver those changes and improve our services for families.

The Accelerated Progress Plan - Word Version