The Accelerated Progress Plan 

Following the OfSTED/CQC re-inspection in 2021, the  Department for Education (DfE) told the Local Area Partnership in Birmingham to create an “Accelerated Progress Plan”(APP) which they then agreed.

It sets out all the areas that Ofsted/CQC said needed to be improved. It sets out the action we need to take and the deadlines for achieving them, the progress we have made with them and the dates they were achieved. Sometimes the deadlines need to change, because of changing circumstances, but this is never done without approval from the DfE.

Every 6 months, in June and December we report to DfE and NHS England on our progress against the actions set out in the APP in what is called a “stocktake”. This is a report summarising our progress which is accompanied by evidence of the changes we have made and the impact that these changes have had on the lives of children and young people with SEND and their families.  Following each stocktake the APP is reviewed and updated and the revised version is agreed by the DfE and NHS England.  We then work to that to ensure that the experience of children and young people with SEND and their families continues to improve.

APP and other Documents