Hearing Support 

We are specialists who provide support and advice around children and young people with a hearing loss. 

The hearing support team

The Hearing Support Team is a specialist teaching service that supports children and young people with a hearing loss, from birth to 25 years.

We support children and young people at home and in their education setting.

Our Team

  • qualified Teachers of the Deaf (ToDs) – teachers who have completed further specialist training and gained the mandatory qualification to teach and support children with hearing loss
  • specialist teaching assistants (TAs) and specialist higher level teaching assistants (HLTAs) –  teaching assistants with extensive knowledge and experience in supporting pupils with hearing losses
  • educational audiologist – a qualified Teacher of the Deaf, who has completed further specialist training in educational audiology
  • audiology technicians – specialists preparing, auditing and servicing assistive listening devices, such as radio aids and soundfield systems
  • sign language tutor – specialist HLTA with additional qualification in British Sign Language and rich personal experience as a person with hearing loss

How we can help

  • Provide support and information for parents/carers
  • Training and advice for professionals working with children and young people with hearing losses in educational settings
  • ongoing assessment of needs, to inform the intervention and where required, for the statutory EHC Plans
  • interventions to support the achievement of individual targets/EHCP outcomes
  • acoustic evaluations of classrooms/educational environments
  • provision of assistive listening devices (radio aids, soundfield systems, remote microphones, etc).
  • close collaboration with Health (clinical audiologists, speech and language therapists, health visitors, etc.)
  • social events for children with hearing losses and their families
  • targeted sign support from our BSL tutor
  • provide LTP (Listen Talk and Play group for the families with pre-school children with Hearing Loss  

How to access the service