Transitions and Preparation for Adulthood Service (TAPS)

The Transitions & Preparation for Adulthood service is designed to support more young people and engage with them earlier to ensure a smoother transition into adulthood.

Using a tiered offer, we will be able to create a more personalised support for each young person that needs it. This support will vary from one-to-one sessions for young people with more acute needs to joint group session to signposting. However, support will always be individually tailored to best meet their needs and aspirations, with the young person having control in what that will look like.

Aligning both the PFA and the Statutory Transitions team under one roof means there is greater opportunity for joint working, and therefore more opportunities for the young people we support.

For Transitions and Statutory Support our aim is to support young adults, between the age of 18-25 with a learning disability or autism and eligible needs, to access a funded service from Adult Social Care based on the Care Act eligibility criteria. We help them to set their own goals and make positive choices to help achieve them.

For Preparation for Adulthood and Non-Statutory Support our aim is to support young people and adults between the ages of 14-25. We provide 1 to 1 support to improve emotional well-being and resilience.

The TAPS team

A group photo of the transitions and preparing for adulthood service.

The team is made up of various professionals with a wealth of experience and knowledge to help support young people. This includes coaching and resilience workers, social workers, employment support officers, and independent living skills officers.

The Youth Empowerment Squad (YES!)

A group photo of the Youth Empowerment Squad (YES)

YES! is a group of young people that work in co-production with the council to help improve services for children and young people with additional support needs to help promote positive outcomes for them.