What is the Preparation for Adulthood Programme ?

Birmingham City Council is in the process of piloting the Preparation for Adulthood programme, providing an early intervention approach to identifying appropriate support services for young people from the age of 14. This programme extends up to age 30, ensuring that support is consistently accessible from early teenage years all the way to adulthood.

The Preparation for Adulthood programme offers a network of services, working across the whole system to provide young people with easy access to the support they need during their transition into adult life. We are a new service that works collaboratively across the whole of Birmingham and Matrix managed between Adult Social Care and Birmingham Children’s Trust. The Team will offer a multiplicity of support services in accordance with 4 key outcomes:

  • Employment
  • Housing/Independent living
  • Health
  • Community, Friendship and Relationships

We believe these are the key areas where vulnerable young people will require the most support.

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The criteria for the Integrated Transitions Team is:

We support young people aged 14-30 who:

  • Have Additional Needs
  • Have statutory health and social care assessments
  • Have received a young carers assessment in the last 12 months
  • Are in care or who have left the care system
  • Are attending Special Schools or Special Colleges
  • Are a household member, aged between 16-25, who lives with a young person receiving PFA support

More details can be found in our leaflet

The criteria for the B.R.I.D.G.E Team is:
(Building resilience, independence, direction, guidance and empowerment)

We support young people aged 14-30 who:

  • Have endured trauma and / or have mental health difficulties either diagnosed or undiagnosed
  • Have a vulnerability that could pose a risk or cause harm to themselves or others
  • Are at risk of offending
  • Are at risk of being exploited
  • Are currently a part of the criminal justice system (CJS) as an adult or young person either in custody or in the community
  • Are leaving the CJS or a statutory service who require support
  • Are experiencing homelessness or are at risk of homelessness

More details can be found in our leaflet


We recognise that some young people do not meet the thresholds for a statutory service because they do not have a diagnosis, they are waiting on an assessment or they may feel the diagnosis is incorrect.

We shall accept young people without a diagnosis based on this description:

A Child/Young Person demonstrating thoughts, behaviours, distress and/or impacting on functioning that may be consistent with a diagnosis.  Without treatment or intervention, the child/young person would require a more intensive level of care.


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