Appeal against a school/college travel support decision

If you are not happy with the home to school/college travel support we have offered your child, or we have refused your application, you have a right to appeal.

Appeals take place in two stages:

Stage 1:

A council officer will consider the appeal within five working days of receipt of the appeal form, and the applicant will receive confirmation that the appeal is under review.

Further evidence may be requested to support the appeal, and consultation with caseworkers and professional bodies may be required.

A decision and notification will be made within 20 working days from receipt of the appeal form.

Stage 2:

If you are unhappy with the decision from stage one, you will need to let us know within 20 working days that you would like to go to the next stage of the appeals process.

Stage two appeals are considered by a panel of three council officers, independent of the original decision-making process, within 40 working days.

The panel will consider written and verbal representations from, or on behalf of, the applicant as well as from a council officer involved in the case.

You will receive written notification of its decision within five working days.

To appeal you must complete and return an appeal form within 20 days of us contacting you.

During the appeals stages, we will not provide help with travel or make changes to existing support.

Download the Appeals Form