The Co-production Champions Group

The purpose of the SEND Co-production Champions Group is to ensure children, young people and their families feel updated and informed, able to have their voices heard and listened to and able to influence change and service improvements, both generally and within individual services from any provider in Birmingham. It also oversees the development and monitoring of the co-production initiatives undertaken throughout Birmingham Children’s Partnership.

How the group supports co-production in Birmingham

As well as young people and parents and carer representatives, the group comprises of professionals from health, education, social care, leisure and the voluntary community sector and academia who meet on a half-termly basis to:

  • Promote the ideas of participation and co-production as everyone’s daily practice at work.
  • Encourage organisations to sign-up to the SEND co-production framework and charter.
  • Oversee the delivery and evaluation of the Co-Production Framework and its effectiveness over time.
  • Gather and monitor practical examples of co-production activity across the SEND Local Area Partnership and their impact, reporting on progress termly to the SEND data officer (Adesope Dairo) for Improvement Programme monitoring.
  • Ensure practical participation and co-production with children, young people and their families to improve all children’s services in Birmingham, including SEND services.
  • Promote and oversee experimental co-production activity across Partners, providing peer review and support where needed.
  • Signpost and share information on best practice on participation and co-production for children, young people and their families.
  • Promote informal training and learning development for co-production in their individual organisations.
  • Link with wider co-production initiatives across children’s services, e.g. Family Hubs.