How we can help

Your child or young person with SEND may be entitled to financial or practical help with getting to their nearest suitable school. This can also help them to be more independent to get around the city and beyond. This help includes:

  • a bus pass or discounted rail card
  • independent travel training
  • providing a school bus, minibus or taxi service
  • providing an escort to walk your child to school
  • school travel assistance
  • a personal travel budget.

Personal travel budget

Portrait Of Male Student Standing Outside College Building

A personal travel budget is a payment that you can use for your child or young person’s school travel. 

Some colleges and voluntary organisations offer travel training to help young people over 16 to use public transport independently. Their suitability for travel training will be assessed before a decision is made. 

If you choose to send your child to a school that isn’t the nearest suitable one, you’ll usually be responsible for travel arrangements and costs. 

Other support available for travel

Travelling by bus

You can apply for a disabled young persons or disabled persons bus pass or a companion bus pass if your child is unable to travel without help.

Travelling by train

Your child may qualify for a disabled persons rail card that can get you a third off rail travel throughout the country. Find out more about Travelling by Train

Disabled parking and Blue Badges 

If you are driving your child or young person then you can apply for a Blue Badge to help you park closer to your destination. Find out more about Parking and Blue Badges


Independent travel training

Independent Travel Training (ITT) is training for pupils with special educational needs, to help them become independent travellers.

The training teaches someone how to travel a specific route on their own, and in a safe and responsible way. It does this through training that’s:

  • Designed for each individual
  • Delivered on a one-to-one basis by a qualified trainer
  • Gradually phased out as the individual’s confidence and ability to make the journey alone grows.

To find out more about ITT, please contact us.