Outdoor Activities and Events

Name of organisation

Description of activity


Autism West Midlands

Autism West Midlands runs a number of events for families of children with autism



Birmingham Wheels Park

The park gives young people the chance to drive and ride motor vehicles and take part in other wheeled activities and sports safely. Dual-control cars are available and have been used very successfully by organisations working with visually-impaired people.


RYA Sailability (West Midlands)

This charity helps disabled people wanting to sail or take part in boating activities.


Riding for the Disabled Association

The association, with riding venues across the West Midlands, gives disabled people the chance to learn how to ride horses and/or carriage driving.


Woodlands Adventure

Offers residential and non-residential outdoor activities for young people. It provides facilities, care and assistance to visitors with disabilities or a special educational need.



Ackers Adventure


Offers a wide range of outdoor activities, suitable for all ages and disabilities.


Parkride – Midland Mencap

Parkride is a Fun, Free & Flexible inclusive family cycling project that provides the whole family, regardless of age or need with the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors through cycling, together!!