Life beyond an EHCP

This section only applies to pupils whose Education Health and Care Plans will end and wish to progress into Higher Education, into work or into adult services or community activities.  

When your EHC Plan is due to come to an end, the city council will put into place effective plans to support you to make the transition to life beyond school or college.  

As well as preparing you for adulthood generally, schools and colleges should ensure that disabled students have the information they need to make the final steps in this transition. 

This includes information about local employers, further training, routes into adult social care and where to go for further advice or support.

There are a number of circumstances where a local authority would not be responsible for maintaining a young person’s EHC Plan. These include:

  • entering into higher education
  • taking up paid employment
  • when a student has come to the end of their programme and is unable to make any further progress in accordance with the pathway to employment 
  • the young person no longer wishes to engage in further learning and will transfer into community activities

There are separate processes in place to support disabled students progression into higher education.