The majority of children with special educational needs and disabilities can have their needs met in their local mainstream early years setting or school without the need for an Education, Health and Care plan using the support available through the local offer. 

SEND Support Provision Plans (SSPP) are a document developed by Birmingham Local Authority, for schools and settings to use.  Schools and settings do not have to use these documents but they are particularly useful for demonstrating the provision being put in place for children and young people where their needs are complex and require multi-agency involvement, but where the provision does not require an EHCP in order to support delivery within a mainstream setting.

The SSPPs are designed in a way that schools and settings, in partnership with parents, are able to build up a picture of need and provision over time.

Schools and settings must involve parents and carers in the planning of provision and so if a school is planning to record the provision, they are putting in place in a SSPP then parents should be involved in this process.

An SSPP will include sections of key information including:


  • This is important information about me
  • Details of all persons with parental responsibility
  • Details of the Plan Coordinator
  • All About Me – My Story (Historical – Key Facts)
  • All About Me – My Current Profile

PART B:  Multi-Agency SEND Support Plan

  • People Involved in Actively Contributing to this plan
  • Broad Areas of Educational Concern
  • Arrangements for Reviewing the SEN Support Plan
  • Priority Areas of need, Outcomes and Additional Provision

View a SEND Support Provision Plan

SSPPs must be reviewed regularly as per the Code of Practice for SEND (2015).  These reviews must include parents and should also include any relevant SEND support services involved with the child or young person.

SEND Support Provision Plans are also used by the Local Authority as the mechanism by which mainstream settings can apply for additional ‘top up’ funding for pupils who DO NOT have an EHCP but where their funding profile indicates that the funding required is above the amount of funding the school or setting is required to commit to meet your child/young person’s need from within their own budget. The SSPP also includes a section for the school or setting to detail what the additional funding would be used for.

If a school is using the plan to request additional funding, then signed parental permission must be gained and there must be a Local Authority SEND Support service representative involved in the writing and reviewing of the plan.