Access Help and Support

Our teams provide a wide range of help and support for you and your child

SEND Parent Link Contact Line

Our SEND Parent Link Contact Line – 0121 303 8461 – is available for you to call from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. A member of our team will listen to your query or concern and signpost you to the relevant professional to help with your child’s needs.

Education Psychology Service Logo

 The Educational Psychology Service

The Educational Psychology team are qualified professionals that can help you to deal with anxieties and concerns during this time. They are providing a telephone helpline for parents or carers who feel would benefit from a consultation with a psychologist to support with any concerns. This could include anxieties, concerns around relationships or advice on looking after yourself and supporting your child.

Find out more about the Educational Psychology team and how to access the helpline

Educational Psychology Covid-19 Help Flyer [PDF version]

The Specialist Advisory Teacher Service

Our advisory team of specially trained teachers offer a range of advice and ideas to support you and your child during this time. This includes help with managing school work at home, support to help your child to understand what is happening and advice on coping with new routines. They can also provide you with lots of ideas on appropriate activities and resources for your child.

See below for more information and links for each team:

communication and autism logo

Communication and Autism Team (CAT)

Find out more about how the CAT team can support you.

Communication and Autism Covid-19 Help Flyer [PDF version]

Sensory Support Logo

Sensory Support Service

Find out more about how the Sensory Support Team can help you.

Sensory Support Covid-19 Help Flyer [PDF version]

Physical Difficulties Support Services Banner

Physical Difficulties Support Service

Find out more about how the Physical Difficulties Support Service can support you.

Physical Difficulties Covid-19 Help Flyer [PDF version]

Pupil and School Support logo

Pupil and School Support for general and specific learning difficulties

Find out more about how the Pupil and School Support Service can help you.

Learning Difficulties Covid-19 Help Flyer [PDF version]

Early years inclusion service logo

Early Years Inclusion Support

Find out more about how the Early Years Inclusion Support team can support you.

Early Years Inclusion Support Covid-19 Help Flyer [PDF version]