What is Birmingham SENDIASS?

Birmingham SENDIASS is a self-referral service that provides information, advice and support to children under 16, young people (16-25) and the families of children and young people who have or may have special educational needs. Birmingham SENDIASS also provide information advice and support to professionals working with these young people and families.

Birmingham SENDIASS operates in accordance with the provisions of the Children and Families Act 2014 and associated special educational needs and disability code of practice 2015 and the national quality standards for impartial information, advice and support Services.

  • Birmingham SENDIASS offer resources and information about the law on epecial educational needs and disabilities. We offer information, advice and support services.
  • Birmingham SENDIASS is confidential – unless we have your written consent, we cannot tell anyone else what you have told us.
  • Birmingham SENDIASS is impartial – we don’t take sides.
  • Birmingham SENDIASS operates at arm’s length from the local authority – we can help you to understand and challenge local authority decisions.

How do Birmingham SENDIASS Help?

SENDIASS provides:

  • A website – About – Birmingham SENDIASS
  • A confidential helpline and email service – SENDIASS Helpline: 0121 303 5004  SENDIASS Mailbox: SENDIASS@Birmingham.gov.uk
  • Verbal and written information and advice on rights and responsibilities.
  • Information, advice and support to complete forms and understand complex documents and reports.
  • Information, advice and support around meetings – including school, local authority and professional staff.
  • Information, advice and support in resolving disagreements, including mediation and appeals to the first-tier of the SEN and Disability Tribunal.
  • Information sessions and training (Coming Soon!)
  • Signposting for children, young people and parents/carers to alternative and additional sources of advice, information and support that may be available locally or nationally.
  • An awareness of the local authority’s services for resolving disagreements and for mediation, and the routes of appeal and complaint on matters relating to SEN and disability
  • Advocacy where agreed, when needed.


Phone: 0121 303 5004 (8:45am to 5pm, Monday to Friday)
Email: sendiass@birmingham.gov.uk
Write to: SENDIASS, PO Box 16270, Birmingham, B2 2HN